Endangered forests

Climate change and land management
Unfortunately, climate change has become part of our daily existence and many countries are experiencing increasingly frequent bouts of severe weather such as heatwaves and unseasonable cold.

More often than not, as the WWF reminded us on March 21, 2019 for International Day of Forests, our forests are really paying the price, with their delicate and precious ecosystems and their irreplaceable role as the Earth’s “lungs”.

Ironically, the forests themselves, which cover 31% of the exposed terrain, are a critical element in combating climate change.

What can be done then to protect them and minimize the damage? The solution lies in correct forest management, which is made easier with the use of professional FAE machines.

Here are some possible ways to intervene:

Forest fire prevention
The creation of fire breaks prevents fires from spreading in high-density forest areas. FAE forestry mulchers make creating these vegetation-free corridors quick, to prevent fires and also for clearing the forest floor of flammable vegetation (wood debris, dry shrubs, and brush).

Undergrowth maintenance
When bad weather causes trees to fall (like what happened in Northern Italy in October 2018 during storm Vaia), it is important to quickly remove fallen logs and branches from the ground in order to allow the undergrowth to regenerate and to promote the regrowth of tall trees. FAE forest cutters work quickly and safely, even for larger forest areas.

Trail creation and maintenance
It is important to maintain forest trails and access roads in excellent condition for forest workers. Mulchers, capable of cutting stumps and mulching trees, brush and branches, are useful in this case. Stone crushers can be used for creating trails because they are suitable for working on dirt.

River bank and stream maintenance
Clearing river banks is an extremely important precaution for preventing floods that can be harmful to people and the environment when there is unusually heavy rain. FAE Hydraulic cutters for excavators are especially suitable for this type of work.