Stone Crushers for Skid Steers


Stone crushers with fixed-tooth rotor for skid steers for crushing stones and rocks up to 15 cm deep.

How to find the right FAE stone crusher for skid steers

Do you have a skid steer and need to pair it with a sturdy, reliable, and high-performing stone crusher head? Trust FAE and check out the STC/SSL, designed specifically for skid steers, with a 1.6 m working width.
Do you need to process the material into different sizes? With adjustable, wear-resistant steel counter blades, the STC/SSL shreds processed material into the size you want and a hydraulic hood allows you to adjust the dosage.

How much does a FAE stone crusher for skid steers cost?

Contact FAE to get a quote for a stone crusher for skid steers designed around your and your skid steer needs.

Applications for stone crushers for skid steer

The FAE STC/SSL stone crushers transform your skid steer into an effective machine for multiple applications: crushing stones, building and maintaining hiking trails, bike paths and horse trails, dirt and gravel road maintenance.

Watch the video of FAE stone crushers for skid steers at work