Tillers for Special Vehicles


Forestry tillers for special vehicles for finely shredding stumps and roots up to 40 cm in diameter and 50 cm deep. 

How to find the forestry tiller for special vehicles that’s perfect for your needs

Do you want to get the most out of your special vehicle on the heaviest jobs? FAE recommends the 200/S series, with 2 forestry tiller models for hydraulic transmission special vehicles. Lighter weight and with different working widths and a hydraulic piston engine, these tillers easily adapt to a wide range of vehicles and can work up to 30 cm deep. Guarantees excellent reliability and consistent performance. 
Do you have a 250-400 hp special vehicle and need a forestry tiller for hydraulic applications to get the most out of your vehicle during tough jobs? FAE recommend the 300/S series models that can push as deep as 40 cm to shred large stumps and roots. Generous working widths let you clear large areas quickly, providing optimal results for shredding material.

How much does a FAE forestry tiller for special vehicles cost?

The cost of a FAE forestry tiller for special vehicles is without a doubt very competitive when you consider the performance that these machines guarantee. Use the contact form to request a quote.

Applications for FAE forestry tillers for special vehicles

FAE forestry tillers for special vehicles aren’t just perfect for working in harsh environments where only special vehicles can work, but also for any situation where it is necessary to finely shred pieces of wood 30-50 cm in diameter and for working 30-50 cm deep. They can tackle multiple jobs with no problems: such as completely shredding stumps, agriculture tilling and soil reclamation, fire mitigation, large trail,  vineyard, orchard, and any kind of green area maintenance.