Soil stabilization

FAE’s dedicated stabilizing products allow faster interventions at significantly reduced cost when compared to the traditional methods of bringing quarried materials to the site and the use of self-powered vehicles.  FAE’s heads are great for building dirt and gravel roads, asphalt roads, railroads, large parking lots, industrial, commercial or sports complexes, airports, embankments, backfill or landfill operations and for all situations where the soil’s load-bearing capacity must be simultaneously increased and standardized. Today, the most productive and efficient operating method for improving soil quality is to mix it with the appropriate amount of cement and/or lime-based binder, with a simultaneous injection of water. FAE heads can also be equipped with water injection systems to control the operating temperature of the rotor and teeth that come into contact with the asphalt, ensuring consistent productivity and giving the soil the right level of moisture for top mixing results.