Tillers for Tractors


Forestry tillers for medium, high and very high horsepower tractors for tilling soil with stumps and roots as deep as 50 cm. 

How to choose the right FAE forestry tiller

Do you have a tough job involving thick stumps or deep roots? Some FAE models come standard with an innovative central gearbox cooling system. Do you have to shred the material very finely? FAE offers models with effective forestry counter blades that are easy to remove for maintenance. Are you worried about reliability? FAE’s product durability is unmatched! We only use top-quality materials and our machines are equipped with the most innovative technical solutions. FAE also has models with interchangeable internal protections that guarantee unparalleled output and superior long-term reliability. Contact us to learn which machine and accessories will meet your specific needs.

How much does a FAE forestry tiller cost?

The cost of a FAE forestry tiller is very reasonable when you consider its superior performance that guarantees a high-quality product. Request a quote.

FAE forestry tiller applications

Depending on the model, FAE forestry tillers are great for finely shredding vegetation that is 30-70 cm in diameter, with a 12-50 cm working depth. This allows to better incorporate the resulting material into the soil, when needed, for faster decomposition into humus. For every type of 100+ hp tractor, FAE has a line of sturdy, fixed-tooth forestry tillers, with a wide range of optional equipment available, to tackle multiple challenges with ease, including powerful tree shredding, agriculture tilling and soil reclamation, fire mitigation and protection, and any type of trail, orchard, vineyard, nursery, and green area maintenance.

Watch the video of FAE forestry tillers at work