Soil Stabilizers for Tractors


Soil stabilizers for tractors for working even the most demanding terrain. Two lines and 8 different soil stabilizer models for working up to 56 cm deep.

How to find the soil stabilizer that’s right for you

Are you looking for a soil stabilizer driven by a PTO agricultural tractor, to achieve high output at a construction site, that can also be driven on roads eaiser than a self-propelled vehicle could? FAE has 4 fixed-chamber soil stabilizer models in the STABI/FRS and STABI/FRS/HP series and an additional 4 variable geometry chamber models in the STABI/H and STABI/H/HP series. 
Are you looking for a fixed-chamber soil stabilizer that is highly efficient, productive, and extremely reliable? The STABI/FRS and STABI/FRS/HP series are right for you — going up to 50 cm deep. A protruding rotor and spacious mixing chamber facilitate deep soil stabilization and minimize power absorption for excellent mixing quality. 
Do you need a soil stabilizer with a variable geometry chamber that guarantees maximum performance? FAE recommends the STABI/H and STABI/H/HP series with variable geometry mixing chamber and special rotor for extremely precise work even up to 56 cm. The variable geometry chamber is an FAE technology solution that is unique in the sector. This technology has two important benefits. First, it allows the machine to penetrate the soil with just the rotor because of the moving frame that can be hydraulically adjusted with extreme precision from the tractor cabin. Second, the mixing chamber's volume is variable. As the depth increases, the chamber's volume also increases, and so does the ability to manage the material being mixed.

How much does an FAE soil stabilizer cost?

FAE soil stabilizers cost less than similar self-propelled vehicles designed to do the same type of work and are easier to move from one site to another. That’s why, in many cases, an FAE soil stabilizer is the best choice. Contact us.

Applications for FAE soil stabilizers

FAE soil stabilizers are designed specifically to prepare the ground for building roads, highways, railroads, parking lots, sports complexes, office parks, industrial plants, and other infrastructure with a single pass. Up to the task when paired with powerful tractors up to 500 hp, they are easy to move from one site to another.

Watch the video of FAE soil stabilizers at work