Multitasks for Tractors
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It’s a soil stabilizer, a stone crusher, and a rock or asphalt slab cutter all in one head for your tractor. Four series with 18 models!

How to find the right multitask head for you

Do you have an 80-240 hp tractor and need to mill rock or asphalt slabs, crush rocks and stabilize soil up to 28 cm deep? FAE recommends the RSL series, compact and lightweight, and the MTL series, with variable geometry chamber, with models that have a 2.2 m working width. 
Do you need a top-of-the-line multitask machine that you can pair with a 240-500 hp tractor? FAE meets your needs with the MTM, MTM/HP and MTH, MTH/HP series, both effective at crushing stones and rocks, milling asphalt and rock slabs, and stabilizing the soil up to 40 and 50 cm deep respectively.
Do you need a water injection system? The FCS is FAE’s top-of-the-line product. The Full Control System (FCS) makes it possible to set and automatically maintain the exact amount of water or liquid dispensed into the mixing chamber according to surface, crushing volume and forward speed, to guarantee that the moisture level is always right. The 7” display lets you set parameters directly from the tractor cab so useful information about the machine's operating status can be monitored in real time. Additionally, you can create processing reports from the display. 
All FAE multitask heads (except for the RSL) rely on the technology of the variable geometry mixing and crushing chamber, a technology solution unique to FAE. This technology has two important benefits. First, it allows the machine to penetrate the soil with just the rotor because of the moving frame that can be hydraulically adjusted with extreme precision from the tractor cabin. Second, the mixing chamber's volume is variable. As the depth increases, the chamber's volume also increases, and so does the ability to manage the material being mixed.

How much does an FAE multitask head cost?

The cost is much lower than buying the equivalent individual machines, making a multitask head the right choice in most cases. Get your quote.

Applications for FAE multitask heads

FAE multitask machines transform you tractor into an extremely effective and versatile vehicle for building roads, highways, railroads, parking lots, sports complexes, office parks, industrial plants, and other infrastructure. 

Watch the video of FAE multitask heads at work