Stump Cutters for Tractors


Stump cutters for tractors designed to shred wood or stumps, including large ones, up to 60 cm deep.

How to choose the right FAE stump cutter

Do you need to clear land with a lot of stumps and wood and work fast? FAE forestry stump cutters with horizontal rotor shred stumps and logs very fine and, depending on the model, can incorporate the resulting material up to 50-60 cm deep.
Are you worried about equipment reliability? FAE uses exclusive wear-resistant steel, Hardox®protections, and ultra-sturdy gearbox transmissions for superior performance and long-term reliability.
Do you need to work on individual stumps? The SCH model has a hydraulic drive, which helps align the cutting head with the stump in no time! Do you need to work on rows of stumps? The SCH/GT model is perfect for this situation, providing maximum output, and with its dual gear transmission, it performs perfectly with less vibration, taking full advantage of the tractor’s power, up to 350 hp.
Contact us, and we can help you find the best solution for all your needs.

How much does a FAE stump cutter cost?

Weigh the price of an FAE stump cutter against its superior performance and the reputation for reliability that these machines have. Request a quote to see the best price FAE has to offer.

FAE stump cutter applications

Removing stumps requires sturdy and efficient equipment that can provide high output as well as the highest quality work. FAE has a wide range of horizontal axis stump cutters that process stumps much more precisely compared to vertical axis machines, whether above ground or buried. This helps the resulting product decompose faster, when needed, without creating piles of material and, therefore, more work. For any job like this, FAE always has the best solution for your tractor, for the most efficient vineyard and orchard maintenance and agriculture tilling and soil reclamation, eliminating even large stumps. FAE stump cutters are also excellent for forestry maintenance and for shredding stumps down to the ground.