Soil mixing

Whenever it is necessary to process and condition the soil to form a substantial layer of geomaterial, with excellent load bearing and resistance properties, FAE offers a wide range of products suitable for incorporating various binding agents — like lime, cement or special materials — into the substrate. FAE’s heads are great for building dirt and gravel roads, asphalt roads, railroads, large parking lots, industrial, commercial or sports complexes, airports, embankments, and backfill or landfill operations. Thanks to FAE’s specially designed heads, reaching significant depths is no longer a problem. What’s more, it is even possible to work successfully in areas that are difficult to access and in confined spaces where self-powered vehicles have difficulty moving, creating significant savings on initial investment. The result is a simplification of site logistics, given that it is no longer necessary to manage the surplus soil, contributing to a further reduction in cost. FAE heads are the only ones on the market that feature a variable geometry chamber. The rotor is attached to a moving frame that allows for extremely precise control over the working depth, without compromising structural strength. To complete the line, water injection systems are also available to control the operating temperature of the rotor and teeth that come into contact with the asphalt, ensuring consistent productivity and giving the soil the right amount of moisture for perfect mixing results.