Tracked Carriers


Tracked carriers specially designed for the toughest and most demanding forestry work. Three different models in terms of size, hp, and types of machines they work with.

How to find the FAE tracked carrier that’s right for you

Do you want a compact, extremely easy-to-handle vehicle that’s designed specifically for tackling forestry jobs, guaranteeing superior agility and high efficiency? FAE has the 173 hp PT-175 with oscillating undercarriage paired with the FAE 140/U forestry mulcher with Sonic technology or with a 200/SC stump cutter. 
Are you looking for a compact and powerful tracked or self-propelled mulcher with a roomy cab? FAE recommends the PT-300 with CAT 7.1, 6-cylinder, 302 hp engine, built with an oscillating undercarriage and combinable with different FAE equipment: forestry mulchers with Sonic technology, forestry tillers, stump cutters, and dozer blades. 
Do you want an extremely high performing tracked carrier with a powerful CAT C13 Acert, 6-cylinder, 475 hp engine? FAE has just what you need! The PT-475 with oscillating undercarriage is perfect for pairing with a forestry mulcher, a stump cutter, or a multitask head. Its large size and tracks up to 810 mm wide mean that it will always work dependably on soft, uneven, or marshy ground. The spacious cab is unrivaled when it comes to comfort, ergonomics and operator safety.

How much does a FAE tracked carrier cost?

The cost of a FAE tracked carrier depends on how it’s equipped. Contact us to find the best solution for your needs.

Applications for FAE tracked carriers

FAE tracked carriers are specifically designed for maximum safety and extremely high output, even in the harshest working environments. With FAE tracked carriers, you can perform forestry maintenance, fire mitigation, and power line and oil and gas R.O.W. maintenance with complete peace of mind and maximum operating capacity. Additionally, you will be able to maintain large plantations.

Watch the video of FAE tracked carriers at work