FAE’s branches met at its Fondo headquarters from September 4 to 11, 2019

The 2019 edition of FAE GROUP’s “Branch Technical Training” was a resounding success. The event, which has become an annual international staple, brings all FAE branches together at the Fondo headquarters in Trentino (Italy) for several days of training and team building. Staff members attended from all over the world for a technical focus on the latest 2019 models and further discussions around manufacturing and delivering FAE machines to customers.

Train the Trainers” was the basic concept of the event, which aims to provide customers with a premium quality service. Staff members involved in the training event were those who will be training FAE's dealers and customers on the correct procedure for machine distribution. This involved the Heads of Service at FAE’s branches in France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia and South America.

Beyond the two intense training days focused on FAE’s machines and the PrimeTech tracked machines, there were also much-anticipated team building exercises, such as adrenaline-fueled rafting on the Noce river involving three different teams.

Saturday focused on case history. Participants reviewed various examples of the technical problems that were encountered and resolved in their respective countries over the course of the year. Solutions presented to the group allowed participants to enhance their theoretical and practical skills.

All the participants were evaluated and ranked according to their proactivity and effort during training, as well as for service activities carried out over the course of the year.

This year, the winner for “Best Service Performance” was Alexey from FAE Russia, for having found innovative technical solutions and testing them for over 400 hours. There were also awards for the most improved team over the course of 2019.
FAE France won the award for “Best Service Improvement”, which was accepted by Jean-Baptiste and Kader.

Participants also evaluated the event’s organization, and all provided positive feedback.
Now we await confirmation for the 2020 training event.



Best Service Improvement Award: FAE FRANCE - Best Service Performance Award: FAE RUSSIA