Road planers for skid steers

Road planers for skid steers from 60 to 135 hp

Skid Steer road planers with disc or fixed teeth, for shredding asphalt and concrete up to 50 cm deep.

How to choose a FAE asphalt shredder for your skid steer?

Do you have a skid steer and need to pair it with a sturdy, reliable, and high-performing self-leveling shredder? Put your trust in FAE and go for the RPL/SSL and RPM/SSL range, designed specifically for skid steers and capable of working at depths of up to 25 cm and 75 cm wide.
Do you need to create conduits to lay electrical, water, gas or fiber optic pipes? Thanks to a disc rotor with modular width and a working depth of up to 50 cm, the RWM/SSL asphalt shredder excavates surfaces with extreme precision to create 8, 10 or 12 cm-wide conduits.

How much do FAE road planers for skid steers cost?

Contact FAE to get a quote for a skid steer asphalt shredder that meets your and your skid steer needs.

Skid steer asphalt shredder applications.

The applications of the RPL/SSL and RPM/SSL are surface preparation for resurfacing roads in anticipation of a new layer of asphalt or concrete, or to simplify excavation operations. The RWM/SSL model, equipped with a disc rotor, aims to ensure extremely precise excavations for laying electrical, water, gas and fiber optic conduits.
Watch the video of FAE's asphalt shredders for skid steers at work

Watch the video of FAE's asphalt shredders for skid steers at work