Skid Steers Mulchers


Three series and ten models for Skid steer mulchers to finely shred wood, branches, tree trunks, trees, shrubs, stumps, and roots up to 20 cm in diameter.

Selecting the Premier Skid Steer Mulcher for Australian Conditions

Are you seeking a skid steer mulcher capable of efficiently managing wood up to 8 cm in diameter? Look to the PMM/SSL series. Engineered for skid steers ranging from 65-100 hp, this lineup features working widths of 1.8-2 m and offers the choice between hammers or blades for versatile application. Its larger roller, in comparison to competing models, ensures consistent shredding across all conditions. The inclusion of a self-leveling attachment plate with a floating system ensures superior ground contact and performance.

For those operating skid steers in the 40-70 hp bracket, requiring the capability to process material up to 12 cm in diameter with fixed teeth, the DML/SSL and DML/SSL/VT series present an ideal solution. These series provide four models with working widths ranging from 1.5-1.7 m. The VT models, equipped with a variable torque piston engine offering variable displacement, leverage the full potential of your skid steer's hydraulic system for peak efficiency.

For more demanding shredding tasks, suitable for 75-120 hp skid steers that need to address woody material up to 20 cm in diameter while ensuring even distribution and integration into the soil, the UML/SSL/VT and UML/SSL/SONIC series stand as the definitive choice. With working widths between 1.6 to 1.8 m, these models are configurable with various teeth and rotors to fine-tune performance based on material type.

Select models are enhanced with FAE's exclusive Sonic Technology. This intelligent system ensures seamless alignment between the skid steer and the FAE mulcher, automatically adjusting the mulcher's settings. It significantly increases productivity by up to 30%, minimizes rotor stalling, and reduces recovery time by quickly restoring rotor rpm.

Identify the skid steer mulcher series that best fits your operational requirements and elevate your efficiency with FAE's advanced solutions. Contact us to explore your options and identify the ideal match for your skid steer.

What's the Damage for an FAE Forestry Mulcher for Skid Steers?

For the performance and dependability you get, an FAE forestry mulcher for skid steers is a solid investment. Drop us a line for a tailored quote.

Skid Steer Mulcher: Putting it to Work

FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers excel across a broad spectrum of applications, serving an array of industries and tasks with unparalleled efficiency. From forestry management to maintenance of power lines and oil and gas rights of way, upkeep of vineyards and orchards, maintenance of green spaces, stump shredding, and fire prevention, FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers are an indispensable tool.

They are also ideally suited for the maintenance of green areas in commercial and residential settings, sports facilities, and forestry environments. 


Skid Steers Mulchers by FAE Australia

FAE Australia Pacific PTY Ltd specializes in high-performance skid steers mulchers, designed to meet the robust requirements of Australian land clearing and vegetation management. Since our establishment in 2006, our focus has been on delivering products that exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of performance and reliability.


Contact Our Skid Steers Mulchers Division in Australia

If you require assistance or more information on our skid steers mulchers, please connect with FAE Australia Pacific PTY Ltd. You can find us at our office located at 485 Hammond Road, Dandenong South, VIC 3175, Australia. For personalized service, call us at +61 3 9706 4088 or use our toll-free number 1300 981 337 if calling from within Australia. For email inquiries, reach out to [email protected], and our team will be happy to provide the support and information you need.


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