Mulchers for Excavators


More than 60 models of forestry mulchers for excavators for shredding wood, branches, tree trunks, trees, shrubs, stumps, and roots up to 40 cm in diameter.

How to find the forestry mulcher for excavators the meets your needs

Are you looking for a light but sturdy mulcher, with swinging hammers, for a miniexcavator to shred wood that’s 4-8 cm? With 11 models and countless accessories formulated for the PML/HY, PMM/HY, PML/EX and PMM/EX series, FAE will surely meet all of your mulcher for miniexcavator requirements. 
Do you want a mulcher to shred wood from 12-15 cm in diameter and don’t know whether to choose fixed or swinging teeth? With 22 models in the BL1/EX, BL1/EX/VT, DML/HY, DML/HY/VT, BL2/EX/VT, BL2/EX/SONIC, and FML/HY lines, FAE can meet all your specific requirements. 
Do you need to work on or near railroad tracks? The UML/HY/RW, UML/HY/RW/VT, FML/HY/RW series might be for you.
Do you have to do heavy work, for example mulching wood up to 30 cm? How to find the forestry mulcher for excavators the meets your needs using your hydraulic PTO driven excavator? Choose one of the models in the BL4/EX/VT, BL4/EX/SONIC, UML/S/EX/VT, or UML/S/EX/SONIC series and complete it with accessories that are perfect for your working conditions. FAE will not let you down! 
Are you searching for a mulcher for excavators that can efficiently process material up to 40 cm in diameter but can't finding anything that meets all of your needs? FAE has the perfect solution for you, with 8 models in the BL5/EX/VT, BL5/EX/SONIC, UMM/EX/VT, UMM/EX/SONIC, UMM/EX/VT/HP, and UMM/EX/HP/SONIC lines, plus all the accessories you need to get the best performance in all working conditions. That’s how FAE is able to guarantee otherwise unthinkable performance!
Various models are also available with Sonic Technology — an intelligent and flexible system exclusive to FAE. The Sonic system ensures that the operating machine and the FAE mulcher are perfectly aligned by automatically calibrating the mulcher. The system continuously manages the mulcher's hydraulic settings, for a significant boost in overall productivity of up to 30%. The Sonic system also minimizes rotor stalling and shortens recovery time thanks to the quick recovery of the rotor's rpm.

How much does a FAE forestry mulcher for excavators cost?

Efficiency makes the overall cost of an FAE forestry mulcher for excavators very reasonable. Ask about the price of a mulcher for a miniexcavator.

Applications for FAE forestry mulchers for excavators

FAE forestry mulchers for excavators are perfect for shredding trees and shrubs, and are extremely useful for maintaining roadsides and electrical or railroad lines. They are handy for maintaining green areas for commercial and residential properties and sports, for oil & gas R.O.W. maintenance, and maintenance along river banks and canals, as well as forestry maintenance, but also for removing stumps in any environment and for fire mitigation.

Watch the video of FAE forestry mulchers for excavators at work