Remote controlled demining machine
- mine clearing


Remote controlled demining vehicle  designed specifically for mine clearance with  antipersonnel and antitank mines.

How to find the right FAE remote controlled demining machine

Are you looking for a remote controlled vehicle that specializes in clearing unexploded ordnances? The PT-300 D:Mine is a machine designed for heavy work, with a sturdy and extremely strong structure made of special types of steel selected for their exceptional resistance and reliability. The PT-300 D:Mine is equipped with the FAE 300/TD head, specifically designed for mine clearance and battle area clearance works. It can also be equipped with other FAE machines and an operator cab.

How much does a PT-300 D:MINE remote controlled tracked carrier cost?

The cost of a FAE remote controlled tracked carrier for mine clearing depends on how it’s equipped. Contact us to find the best solution for your needs.

Applications for FAE remote controlled tracked carriers

FAE remote controlled tracked carriers are designed for operator safety and consistent performance even in extreme working environments. With a FAE remote controlled demining vehicle, you can clear mine fields from antipersonnel and antitank mines.
If equipped with a forestry mulcher, forestry tiller, stump cutter, or dozer blade, it can tackle a variety of forestry and agricultural works.

Watch the video of FAE remote controlled tracked carriers at work