Multitasks for Special Vehicles


A forestry mulcher, forestry tiller, and stone crusher, all in one, for your special vehicle. For shredding wood, shrubs, roots up to 45 cm in diameter, stumps up to 55 cm in diameter, and crushing stones up to 35 cm in diameter and up to 40 cm deep. 

How to find the multitask machine for special vehicles that meets your needs

Do you have a 300-450 hp special vehicle with a hydraulic transmission and want to couple it with a machine to make light work of rocks, roots, tree trunks, and stumps? FAE recommends the SFM/PM, with 3 models with 2-2.5 m working widths, that can easily process trees up to 35 cm in diameter, stumps up to 45 cm in diameter and rocks up to 20 cm. With the SFM/PM series, you will also be able to finely shred processed material, incorporating it uniformly into the ground down to 30 cm. 
Is your forestry vehicle between 350 and 450 hp? Do you need to crush rocks and shred roots, trees, and stumps, incorporating the resulting material up to 40 cm deep? FAE has the SFH/PM series that can be equipped with 2 types of fixed teeth to crush rock up to 35 cm in diameter, wood and tree trunks up to 45 cm in diameter, and stumps up to 55 cm with the ability to work up to 40 cm deep.

How much do FAE multitask machines for special vehicles cost?

The cost is much lower than buying the equivalent individual machines, making it easy to choose a multitask head in most cases. Contact us for your custom quote on an FAE multitask head.

Applications for FAE multitask machines for special vehicles

FAE multitask machines for special vehicles stand out for their extreme versatility, whether it’s crushing rocks or shredding wood, tree trunks, shrubs or stumps. FAE multitask machines are specifically designed for special vehicles to maximize performance, even in the toughest conditions. They are perfect for vineyard and orchard maintenance, agriculture tilling, soil reclamation, and eliminating stumps. FAE multitasks are especially useful for forestry maintenance, as well as for maintaining green areas for commercial and residential properties and sports, and creating and maintaining trails.