Mulchers for Special Vehicles


Four lines of forestry mulchers for special vehicles. For shredding wood,  tree trunks, trees, shrubs, stumps, and roots up to 50 cm in diameter.

How to find the forestry mulcher for special vehicles that’s right for you

Do you have a 150-220 hp special vehicle and need to shred up to 25 cm in diameter? The compact 140/U is the machine for you. 
Do you have a 180-300 hp special vehicle and want to shred material up to 35 cm in diameter? FAE offers the 200/U, which combines the maneuverability of a compact machine with the performance of a larger one. With its superior durability and high output, it is ideal for even the most demanding situations, with different options and equipment to meet your specific needs. Do you need a forestry mulcher for a powerful special vehicle from 300-450 hp to process lumber up to 40 cm in diameter? The 300/U series is perfect for all your needs, with its reputation for being sturdy and lightweight, plus a host of optional accessories and equipment. 
Do you need to work on larger pieces of wood and  trunks up to 50 cm in diameter, and you’re looking for a vehicle that can turn all the power of your 400-600 hp special vehicle into productivity? The 500/U series will exceed your expectations, with its sturdy transmission, for superior reliability, even with the most powerful vehicles on the market. 

How much does a FAE forestry mulcher for special vehicles cost?

The cost of a FAE forestry mulcher for special vehicles varies depending on the equipment and options installed. Contact us for a special offer.

Applications for FAE forestry mulchers for special vehicles

If the work is very demanding and the environmental conditions are harsh, there’s only one special vehicle for the job. With an FAE forestry mulcher specifically designed to be coupled to it, you can achieve unbelievable output. FAE forestry mulchers for special vehicles also shred stumps down to the ground and are perfect for fire mitigation, power line, oil and gas R.O.W. maintenance. However, it is indispensable for shredding trees, shrubs, branches and working along railroads, for maintaining green areas for commercial and residential properties and sports, and for forestry maintenance.