Video Forestry mulcher with mulcher for FAE DML/SSL skid steer loader

The FAE DML/SSL/BL/SONIC is the professional forestry mulcher for skid steers up to 75 hp, with Bite Limiter and Sonic technology. The DML/SSL for 50-75 hp skid steers can shred wood up to 12 cm in diameter and is ideal for achieving high productivity in vegetation management. It offers high shredding capacity in wooded and heavyly forested areas, where the compactness of a skid steer is required. This head is designed to offer excellent productivity, reliability and ease of use for the operator. The DML/SSL is available in 4 models, DML/SSL/VT, DML/SSL/BL, DML/SSL/SONIC, DML/SSL/BL/SONIC and two widths for each model.