FAE Stone Crushers: updating the RSM and introducing the RSH/HP

FAE is revamping its top range of stone crushers by upgrading the RSM and introducing the new RSH/HP. These machines are the ideal solution for the toughest jobs when it comes to clearing stones and rocks in order to prepare land for agricultural use.

The RSM - RSM/HP models are designed for crushing stones and rock slabs up to 50 cm in diameter at a depth of up to 40 cm. They are compatible with tractors between 200 and 360 hp and have a working width up to 230 cm.

The RSH/HP is the ultimate FAE stone crusher. It crushes stones and rock slabs up to 50 cm in diameter at a max depth of up to 50 cm. 
It is compatible with tractors between 360 and 500 hp and has a working width up to 260 cm.

 Compared to earlier versions, the new RSM and RSM/HP models boast significant technical improvements, which are also featured on the new RSH/HP. The opening has been greatly enlarged to allow the intake of more material, while the counter blade has been widened to enhance performance. In terms of structure, the gear transmission now feature an oil-cooling system to help ensure efficiency and reliability while reducing the need for maintenance. Sturdy, new protection chains replace the standard ones from previous versions and even the couplings have been improved by introducing Cat. 4N suitability.

A high-resistance, anti-wear steel frame, interchangeable internal and external guards and a forged-steel tooth-holder with heat treatment make up a sturdy and well-built structure that guarantees outstanding performance in the most challenging tasks. 


All models are available with two types of rotors. The rotor type “R” holds is ideal for crushing loose stones and rock. The rotor type “G” is ideal for stony soil. Both rotors come with side teeth that allow the crushing chamber to be kept clean at all times. Four different types of compatible teeth are available, to be chosen based on the nature of the work and the type rotor attached.

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