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In Germany, an FAE UMH/S/HP-250 is the ideal mulcher for a business that offers land clearing

How to make a hasty choice a success story.

Patrick Schwamborn and Ralf Grosch are friends and business partners. They have been working together for years at their company in central Germany, doing forestry, landscaping, and horticulture work.

In the fall of 2020, to expand their business, they decided to purchase a forestry mulcher to use with their 419 hp Claas Xerion tractor. The two young businessmen looked online for a used mulcher and quickly found a 2007 FAE UMM/S-225 model for sale. Without thinking it twice, Ralf and Patrick bought it. They began using it immediately, but they grew more and more unhappy with it each day. The UMM/S-225 wasn’t performing the way they had expected.

Patrick Schwamborn e Ralf Grosch azienda di silvicoltura, di cura del paesaggio e di orticoltura| FAE STORIES (GERMANIA)

Perplexed, they sought help and turned to Jürgen Bergmann, from FAE Central East Europe, to find a solution to their problem. Together with Falk Kaiser, from the Falk Kommunal local dealer, Jürgen scheduled an on-site appointment to come see the mulcher and tractor. The problem was immediately evident: the second-hand mulcher was much too small for the power of the Claas tractor. It was no surprise that the two machines were not working well and that performance was poor. 

FAE UMM/S-225 abbinata ad un trattore Claas Xerion da 419 CV | FAE STORIES

After in-depth technical analysis, it was clear that Patrick and Ralf needed a FAE UMH/S/HP-250. Falk Kommunal stepped up to help them sell their used mulcher and did so within a few weeks. The new mulcher was delivered around the same time and put right to work. From the very first pass, the results were surprising.

After the initial pass, Patrick said, “It’s love at first sight! I never would have imagined a FAE mulcher could do such a precise, impressive job. Thanks to Jürgen and FAE’s excellent recommendations, we found the right machine after our hasty start!”.

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