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FAE forestry tillers serving local agricultural production

In Brazil, FAE forestry tillers support some local agricultural businesses to maximize their profits

In Brazil, FAE has been working with the dealer Roder Machinery and Equipment for years. Founded in 2000 by brothers Dyme Anderson Roder and Jeferson Roder, Roder is a family-owned mechanical engineering company specializing in the production and sale of forestry equipment, also representing major international brands commercially in the Brazilian market.

From the 2,000 m² headquarters located in the industrial area of Pardinho, a town just a few hours drive from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Dyme Roder answers our questions.

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We work in many industries, forestry, agriculture, civil construction and demolition, and we are passionate about our work,” explains Dyme. “We have an excellent relationship with FAE, who we've been working with since 2016." They recently purchased several SSH-150 forestry tillers.

"The first of these machines was sold to Agricola Bouwman, a company with several farms that employ 150 people. They pioneered this model in Brazil!” explains Dyme. "The company is located in Castro, Paranà and is an important player for local agriculture. They grow soybeans, corn and beans. They recently purchased 1,500 hectares of land planted with pines and eucalyptus, with the intention of converting 1,100 hectares into farmland."  In fact, in Brazil there is a great deal of land planted with trees grown for the production of timber. These are not natural forests, but trees that are cultivated by humans.

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The company was looking for a reliable and high-performance forestry tiller capable of mulching logs for a total of 11 million m²,” continues Dyme. The company then bought a brand new FAE SSH-150 and paired it with a Valtra Series T-250 CVT tractor. The two machines immediately began to operate in Itararè, in the state of Sao Paolo. The tiller worked up to a depth of 30 cm, removing stumps that were planted in rows of 3x2 meters. It took three years to complete the reclamation of the whole area, proceeding at a working speed of 0.3/0.4 km per hour and with a fuel consumption of 22-25 liters per hour.

When the work was completed, Agricola Bouwman decided to sell its FAE SSH-150 with the help of Roder, and the machine was bought by another customer located in the state of Minas Gerais, north of Rio de Janeiro. "After a few months, this customer purchased three more new FAE SSH-150s to complete their fleet. We have sold several FAE forestry tillers recently, SSH-150, SSH-225, as well as two SFM-200 multitask heads and also an SFM-225, all to the great satisfaction of our customers,” concludes Dyme.

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