PT-175 D:Mine

PT-175 D:Mine

PT-175 D:MINE - Light category mechanical demining asset (CWA 15044/2009)

PT-175 D:Mine is a Light demining machine able to deal with AP mines.
Powered by a Cummins inline 4-cylinder engine: a 160 HP power plant that together with the design of the rotor guarantees very high productivity in all conditions. An innovative remote control ensures accurate guidance of the vehicle at a range of up to 1000 meters.
PT-175 D:Mine is equipped with a FAE 140/TD tiller (, which is specifically designed for mine clearing. Working width of the 140/TD is 1850 mm and average working depth is 200 mm.


Cutting-edge technology and easy access to all components

PT-175 D:Mine is designed for easy access and maintenance, excellent service ability and it is easy to work on.
Perfect accessibility to the machine and its components, both for daily checks and for more thorough maintenance interventions, it is an advantage that only PT-175 D:Mine can offer, thanks to the following features:
• hinged side doors that can be effortlessly opened for daily maintenance of the vehicle
• rear winch and hinged radiator guards that can be opened for quicker and easier radiator cleaning
• tilting remote control unit driven by a manual pump, which allows inspecting all components located underneath the remote control unit.


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