The FAE 500/RC rock crusher for PT-400 is a dedicated attachment for rock crushing and reclamation jobs as well as for road construction and maintenance.

This attachment is available in 2 widths:

  • 500/RC-225 (working width: 2320 mm)
  • 500/RC-250 (working width: 2560 mm)

All FAE 500/RC rock crushers are equipped with:

  • Double belt-driven transmission
  • Two hydraulic motors (250 cc)
  • Hydraulic rear hood
  • Adjustable skids
  • Adjustable counter knives
  • Tool type "STC" and type "STC/SD" (side scraper)

Different tools (teeth) for the rotor are available to suit different working conditions, all of them with carbide tip.
The rotor pattern is designed in a way that every piece of soil gets processed.

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