Stone Crushers for Tractors

Stone crusher for PTO tractors with fixed teeth rotor.

FAE renews the existing STCH range, adapting to the most powerful tractors (from 280 to 400 hp), with a maximum operating depth of 25 cm and the ability to crush stones up to 50 cm in diameter.
Among the main technical innovations there is the hydraulic counter blade that can be adjusted directly from the tractor’s cab, the oversized door and interchangeable internal Hardox® protections.
It is also equipped with a new side-scraper system to limit side wear, adjustable skids, as well as interchangeable protection chains. The three models available (with working widths of 200, 225 and 250 cm) make it perfect for different jobs, particularly to treat soils with large quantities of moving stones.


from 280 to 400 hp

Shredding diameter

Ø 50 cm max

Working depth

25 cm max

Most important features
Hydraulic rear Hood with anti-clogging system

for high productivity and lower fuel consumption


For controlling the crushed material, right from the tractor cabin (also with the help of the depth indicator)

Wide opening

To efficiently process more material


Standard equipment

    • Hydraulic rear hood
    • Interchangeable inner antiwear plates in Hardox®
    • Enclosed/anti dust machine body
    • Centralized greasing hub
    • Inside lateral protection
    • Dual row protection chains
    • Adjustable hy Hardox® counter-blade
    • Flat pressed counter-blades
    • Transmission with belts
    • Gearbox with freewheel
    • PTO shaft
    • Cam clutch on side PTO
    • Bolt-on rotor shafts (in forged steel)
    • Adjustable skids
    • Penetration skids

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Tooth STC/3 | FAE
Tooth STC/3
Ideal for:
Brittle rock
Tooth STC/3/HD | FAE
Tooth STC/3/HD
Ideal for:
Brittle rock
Tooth STC/3/FP | FAE
Tooth STC/3/FP
Ideal for:
Brittle rock
Side scraper STC/FP | FAE
Tooth STC/FP (1 screw)
Side scraper
Side scraper STC/3/HD | FAE
Tooth STC/3/HD
Side scraper


Multiple tooth options | FAE
Multiple tooth options
Hydraulic top link | FAE
Hydraulic top link
Dozing blade | FAE
Dozing blade
Grader blade (road kit) | FAE
Grader blade (road kit)
Dozing blades with spring system | FAE
Dozing blades with spring system
Hydraulically adjustable counter blade

The hydraulically adjustable counter blade for the STCH makes it possible to remotely control the counter blade on the rotor, taking advantage of the tractor’s hydraulics. This makes it possible to easily adjust the counter blade's position with extreme precision, so you can always get the right grain size. A special solution from FAE to boost productivity even more.

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