Stump cutters for skid steers

The SCL/SSL works with 75-120 hp skid steers. This head can shred large stumps and roots up to 50 cm deep. Lateral oscillation with proportional hydraulic control makes it possible to work on a large area without moving the vehicle. The SCL/SSL’s Direct Drive motor minimizes maintenance and permits a more compact design. 


from 75 to 120 hp

Shredding diameter

Ø 40 cm max

Working depth

50 cm max

Most important features
Fixed Direct Drive piston motor

for reduced size and maintenance 

Standard equipment

    • Supporting service leg
    • Motor enclosed in the frame
    • Hydraulic hoses for connections
    • Enclosed, dust-resistant machine body
    • Hydraulic piston motor 125cc with relief and anticavitation valve
    • 12V diverter valve
    • Hydraulic block with safety and anticavitation valves
    • Direct drive motor transmission
    • Hydraulic and proportional swing control
    • Interchangeable forged steel rotor shafts

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Tooth L/1 | FAE
Tooth L/1
Ideal for:
Exposed stumps
Buried stumps
Tooth L/2| FAE
Tooth L/2
Ideal for:
Exposed stumps
Buried stumps


Adaptor wiring | FAE
Adaptor wiring
Support blade | FAE
Support blade
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