MAX productivity and strength with the new C/3/MAX tooth for BL4/EX, BL5/EX and 200/U forestry mulchers

With the new C/3/MAX tooth, FAE boosts the productivity, efficiency, and strength of its top-tier forestry mulchers with Bite Limiter technology.

The new C/3/MAX tooth is the ultra-strong alternative to the BL/MAX blade for high-end FAE forestry mulchers featuring Bite Limiter technology. This technology reduces power demand and promotes a consistent working speed for excellent performance mulching any type of wood.

The large cutting surface with tungsten carbide inserts and an optimized profile is made of specially heat-treated, ultra-strong materials, giving the new C/3/MAX tooth superior shredding ability and making it extraordinarily wear-resistant. The C/3/MAX tooth is excellent for shredding hardwood and softwood trees, above-ground stumps, shrubs, and branches.

The new C/3/MAX is available as an optional tooth for BL4/EX and BL5/EX forestry mulchers for excavators. The tooth can also be mounted on 200/U head with Bite Limiter rotor for special vehicles and FAE’s PT series tracked carriers.