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The building and maintenance of such a system can be demanding and nerve-wracking, especially with an ever-growing population. Local governments (cities, municipalities, townships, counties, etc) and state authorities (DOTs) often have to rely on the work of highly skilled contractors to construct and upkeep roads, highways, and other thoroughfares.
Ringwood, IL- based Rock Solid Stabilization, Inc. is one of the leading stabilization and full-depth asphalt reclamation contractors in North America. Cities, counties, local DOTs, and private contractors call on Rock Solid to perform their projects on time and under budget. Full-depth reclamation (FDR) consists of breaking up older asphalt while mixing it with the soil beneath and adding a stabilizing agent in order to create a better base for the new road. FDR is highly effective because it eliminates the need to break up old asphalt and haul it away. This is the most environmentally-friendly technique that does not sacrifice production.

Rock Solid’s extensive fleet of reclaimers and stabilizers were getting the job done, but were having issues that needed to be addressed. The inability of digging in rock and lack of versatility led Jonathan Pease, president, to reach out to FAE USA.
FAE, with its North American headquarters in Flowery Branch, GA, has been offering solutions to the FDR and stabilization industries for over 25 years. All FAE reclaimers and stabilizers are tractor driven (PTO with a creeper gear) and are the only attachments capable of pulverize any rock while operating.
Using a tractor as a power source, Rock Solid can now stabilize and reclaim around tight corners, trees, and obstacles all while turning. This increases productivity and decreases operating costs.

“With the FAE units we are experiencing great gradation of the blended material. In the rocky conditions we experience, we are having no damage from the terrain, as the MTH is designed to crush rocks while stabilizing.” Said Jonathan when asked about using an FAE attachment.
FAE reclaimers and stabilizers are mounted to the tractor via the three-point hitch and allow for complete reclamation/stabilization. Larger, self-propelled units have a mid-mounted drum, and cannot stabilize between the drum and the tires when reaching a tight spot. Thanks to the tractor, transportation and permit costs go down as the tractor can be driven “on-road” project to project.

Rock Solid purchased a FAE STCH-250 (rock crusher) and MTH-225 (rock crusher, stabilizer, and reclaimer). The STCH-225 is being used as a rock crushing machine to break up large rocks (20”) before using their dedicated self propelled reclaimer/soil stabilizer. This crushing process allows the bigger self-propelled machine to operate more efficiently. The STCH has a working width of 100” at a max depth of 10”. The MTH-225 is FAE’s flagship construction attachment and is able to perform rock milling, stabilization (wet/dry), and full depth reclamation. With its 91” working width and 20” max depth, the MTH-225 is the perfect solution for city/county road construction, airport runways, access roads, farm/ranch roads, site preparation, parking lots, driveways, strip mining, etc…
The advanced water system allows an operator to add water with or without a liquid lime/cement binding agent directly into the chamber.
This is a must for heavy duty jobs or when the operator wants to suppress dust and keep the teeth at a cooler temperature.

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“We are very pleased with FAE and finding all the ways to utilize the units in our various applications. We haven’t found an application yet that either unit hasn’t performed well. We are excited about the future and how we can integrate FAE products into more of the current services we preform and to even add services around the FAE product line. This is just the beginning of a great partnership!” said Jonathan.
Giorgio Carera, the CEO of FAE USA Inc. stated, “FAE is excited about our partnership with Rock Solid. We are happy we were able to provide Rock Solid with the best and latest technology for road reclamation and soil stabilization. FAE is also pleased that Rock Solid’s purchase allows them to outperform their competition and finish their projects within their budget”. Giorgio continued with, “As always FAE stands behind its product and will support Rock Solid throughout their future projects.
With our large parts inventory, friendly support staff, and overall expertise, we help our business partners make sure their operations are profitable”.
FAE USA and Rock Solid Stabilization are looking forward to a bright future and improving the industry.

Find out more about FAE USA, Inc.’s products and Rock Solid Stabilization, Inc.’s services at www.faeusa.com and www.rocksolidstabilization.com

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