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Creating a cement mixture at the Port of Genoa

An MTH/HP 225 works to fill the retention basins at one of the main Italian ports.

Consolida is an Italian company that specializes in cold in place recycling and treating soil with lime and cement. Founded in Turin in 2013, it partners with construction companies and has collaborated with the best universities in Italy.

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Consolida’s fleet includes an FAE MTH/HP 225 with the Full Control System (FCS) water spray system, purchased in January 2022. “Since then, we have been using it regularly at many of our construction sites, especially when we need to process larger material,” states Alberto Cavalla, an engineer at Consolida. “We use it to stabilize soil with lime and cement when there are large stones and, in general, to process coarse grain sizes that need to be reduced. We also use it as a stone crusher and always get the results we want.”

The construction site in this story takes us to the Port of Genoa.
“In December 2023, we were contracted for an interesting job:
to cement material on site so that it could be used immediately
to make containment bulkheads in a section of the port
,” Cavalla states.
“We worked near these basins, close to the water and the massive ships docked in port.
Luckily, the MTH is easy to transport!
We hooked it up to our Claas Xerion 5000 tractor —
a duo that we have tested on several other occasions —
and waited for the material we were going to treat to arrive


“The raw material the customer chose to fill the retention basins was coarse. The grain size was over 15 cm,” continued Cavalla. “We had to crush it with the MTH and then mix it with the cement to create a cement mixture. We worked in consecutive layers, rolling it with the compactor between each layer until the basins were completely filled. The MTH worked 40 cm deep, and the work at the construction site was always done correctly — in five days we completed all the work we were contracted to do. Working with an FAE machine gives us peace of mind. Knowing that the machine is reliable and efficient helps us take on any construction site the best way.

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For more information: www.impresaconsolida.com

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