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Used in humanitarian demining

Safe Point CJSC is a company based in Azerbaijan with its head office in Baku and field operations in the Aghdam regions.
It has approximately 200 employees and works in the humanitarian demining sector. Safe Point is tasked with clearing UXO and mines buried in the liberated territories of the region. These mines can remain active even years later, which makes them extremely dangerous to the local civilian population.

To do this work, Safe Point uses an FAE PT300 D:Mine with a Demining Tiller. This remote-controlled tracked carrier is expressly designed to withstand extreme forces from detonations.

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The PT300 D:Mine, like many FAE models, is designed to excel at several different jobs to maximize the owner’s investment. In this case, the demining tiller attachment allows Safe Point to neutralize antipersonnel and antitank mines and remove vegetation that can cover these ordnance, making it useful for demining work in various types of terrain.

In this FAE Story, Safe Point is using the PT300 D:Mine in the Aghdam region to clear agricultural areas and villages riddled with unexploded ordnance left over from the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

It’s demanding work. Each day, 6,000 to 7,000 m2 of land is cleared and reclaimed using the FAE PT300 D:Mine.

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“We had the chance to purchase a demo machine,” explains John Edwards, Safe Point's logistics manager.
“The machine was perfect, with less than 50 hours on it. We also took the 300/TD-250 demining tiller, which had less than 20 hours on it. Since then, our mechanical team has used the PT300 D:Mine on many occasions.
We’re extremely happy with the machine’s reliability and performance. It has incurred some detonations but no damage sustained. In general, we work at 25 cm deep and cover about 2-3 km per hour. Fuel consumption is at 120 liters of diesel a day, but it depends on the terrain, which is usually rugged and stony in our area.”

Any final thoughts on this machine?
“We are very satisfied with our purchase. The PT300 D:Mine is an extremely well-built machine. Very solid and reliable. And the maintenance costs are very low compared to our other machines. The after-sale service and support from FAE is excellent and always actioned with immediate effect on receiving any request.”

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