Pineapple plantations

A new success story made by FAE

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Throughout the past years, the technology of FAE Group was adapted to many different industrial fields. One of them, which lately went through a steady growth, is the shredding of pineapple-fields. It is a sector mostly represented by big companies and global corporations, which produce and sell their products all over the world. Even though there are plenty of agricultural machines-manufacturer in these tropical and subtropical areas, many of them decide to choose FAE as their partner. They need an associate who acts worldwide and is both reliable and fully functional.

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During the past 10 years, FAE managed to establish a close collaboration with these companies. They started out with selling machines, and moved on to assistance and spare parts supply. With the objective of creating the perfect machine for such work in mind, FAE was able to establish the UML/DT/HD series.

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In spite of the hard work the machine has to cope with, it proved successful. It allows a simple shredding process, an easy insertion of biomass into the ground and therefore lowers the time spent with harvest. Reduction of costs and increase of productivity can be the consequences, which leads to an improvement of the entire company. So the only remaining question is: Which challenge will FAE face next?

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