Multitasks for Tractors

FAE multi-function head for tractors from 300 to 500 hp.

The top-of-the-range FAE multi-function machine enabling milling of rock slabs, crushing of stones, milling of asphalt and ground stabilization, with a maximum operating depth of 50 cm.
The gear transmission enables operation with constantly optimal levels of torque and power.
The variable displacement chamber guarantees excellent results in terms of breaking down material.
The volume of the chamber increases based on depth with a reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in operating speed.
The Hardox® wear-resistant counter blade and grid on the rear hood guarantee the desired granulometry of material processed.


from 300 to 500 hp

Working depth

50 cm max

Most important features
Variable displacement chamber

the result is a homogeneously stabilised soil at all working depths

Wide opening

To efficiently process more material

Standard equipment

    • Hydraulic front hood
    • Bolted grid on rear hood
    • Interchangeable inner antiwear plates in Hardox®
    • Enclosed/anti dust machine body
    • Variable displacement chamber
    • Inside lateral protection
    • Bolted on protection chains
    • Flat pressed welded steel counter-blades
    • Adjustable Hardox® counter-blade
    • Transmission with side gearbox
    • Side gearbox with oil cooling system (HP)
    • Gearbox with freewheel
    • PTO shaft
    • Friction clutches
    • Gearbox with oil cooling system (HP)
    • Bolt-on rotor shafts (in forged steel)
    • Hydraulic top link
    • Dozing blades with spring system
    • Adjustable skids

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Teeth R65 | FAE
Teeth R65
Ideal for:
Peaty soil
Low rock content
Teeth G/3 | FAE
Teeth G/3
Ideal for:
Buried stumps
Peaty soil
Bituminous road
Low rock content
Teeth G/3 HD | FAE
Teeth G/3 HD
Ideal for:
Buried stumps
Peaty soil
Bituminous road
Stone crushing
Teeth R65 HD | FAE
Teeth R/HD 65
Ideal for:
Peaty soil
Low rock content
Paved roads
Stone slabs
Teeth R44 | FAE
Teeth R44
Ideal for:
Peaty soil
Paved roads
Paved roads
Side scraper STC/FP | FAE
Side scraper STC/FP
Side scraper STC/3/FP | FAE
Side scraper STC/3/FP
Side scraper R/HD 65 | FAE
Side scraper R/HD 65


Hydraulic front hood | FAE
Hydraulic front hood
Extended 3 point linkage | FAE
Extended 3 point linkage
Automatic greasing kit | FAE
Automatic greasing kit
Multiple tooth options | FAE
Multiple tooth options
Water spray system WSS High Flow | FAE
Water spray system WSS High Flow
FCS full control system | FAE
FCS full control system
Displacement Chamber | FAE
Full Control System | FAE

The Water Spray System has the dual function of cooling and mixing.
The cooling function, useful when the machines work as an asphalt cutter (see multi-task machines), has the advantage of limiting the temperature of the rotor and teeth in contact with the asphalt, preventing it from overheating.
The mixing system, on the other hand, is useful in stabilization operations (see multi-task machines and stabilizers) in which the soil and the stabilizing agent are mixed with water.
In fact, at this stage, the addition of water to the mixing chamber improves binding between the stabilizing agent and the soil, optimizing the result of the consolidation work.

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Displacement Chamber

This technological solution, which is one of a kind in the industry, allows the ground to be penetrated with the rotor alone. The mobile rotor can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cabin. The chamber has a variable volume—the greater the working depth, the greater the volume of the chamber.

Compared to a machine that plunges the frame into the ground, the variable geometry chamber reduces traction stress, which decreases fuel consumption and increases operating speed, saving time as a result.

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Full Control System

The Full Control System is a top-of-the-line system with electronically adjusted nozzles, a self-priming hydraulic pump, proportional valves to adjust the water flow and a control display unit for settings, diagnostics and the machine’s operating status.

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