Stump Cutters for Tractors

Stump cutter for tractors, for rows of stumps.

The SCH/GT model is a stump cutter designed for shredding rows of stumps, for example in poplar groves or eucalyptus fields.
This head is perfect for 180-350 hp tractors and has a working depth of 60 cm.
It also comes with internal Hardox® wear plates. Its dual clutch transmission provides superior performance and excellent power management.
SCH/GT models (except for the SCH/GT/DT 75 model) have a hydraulic side shift system that lets the operator adjust to the working area without having to make additional maneuvers with the tractor.
It is extremely easy to use and shreds stumps uniformly.


from 180 to 350 hp

Working depth

60 cm max

Most important features
Dual transmission with side gearbox

converts RPM to Power

Standard equipment

    • Hydraulic side shifting
    • Enclosed/anti dust machine body
    • Inside lateral protection
    • Protection chains
    • Welded steel counter-blades
    • Supporting service leg
    • Transmission with side gearbox
    • Gearbox with freewheel
    • PTO shaft with cam clutch
    • Bolt-on rotor shafts (in forged steel)

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Multiple tooth options
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Hydraulic top link
Reduction gear transmission

Reduction gears are an alternative to traditional belt or chain transmission systems. Because the technology is so compact, it provides better power transfer to the rotor and requires less power for traction. A reduction gear transmission provides optimal stability with less maintenance — the perfect solution for handling very high torque.

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