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Moosehill Mulching is a young Canadian company that offers its customers a series of services for road work and land management. It is headquartered in Smithers, British Columbia, a town famous for its ski slopes and fishing. Despite being founded just three years ago, Moosehill Mulching already has a small fleet composed of one tractor and three FAE heads: one FAE STC stone crusher with a fixed-tooth rotor for 80 to 220 hp tractors, one FAE SSL forestry tiller for 100 to 220 hp tractors, and one FAE UML/S/DT forestry mulcher for 130 to 190 hp tractors.

Like many other FAE customers, Moosehill Mulching opted to buy several heads to make its tractor a true “multitasker” and to offer customers a wide range of work, without buying a bulky and expensive fleet composed of models suitable for only one job.

Today’s story brings us to a farm where its owner wanted to create areas dedicated to hay. 16 hectares (39 acres) of forest area were processed and converted into plantable ground.

The FAE UML/S/DT was used to mulch the trees that could not be saved. The FAE SSL and STC were then used, alternatively, at a later stage to remove the stumps remaining in the soil and to make the once rocky terrain fertile and plantable.

The two FAE STC and SSL heads worked with a John Deere 6145M tractor at a depth of 20/30 cm (8-12”) and an operating speed of 0.3 km/h. Fuel consumption was 15.8 liters/hour.

“We processed all kinds of material”, said Moosehill Mulching operators. “Stone, stumps, different types of tree. We found stones up to 20/30 cm in diameter and we shredded them up finely: the FAEs did their job no problem. We are truly satisfied by the performance of these machines. We used them so intensely that we put the structure of all the heads to the test, especially the STC”.



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