PT-300 D:Mine

The PrimeTech PT-300 D:Mine demining machine is a remote controlled Unmanned Ground Vehicle designed to clear anti-personnel (AP) and anti-tank (AT) mines in the most difficult conditions.
It has been thoroughly tested and it has been certified to CWA 15044:2009.


The PrimeTech PT-300 D:Mine is powered by a John Deere inline 6-cylinder engine, a 275 HP power plant that together with the design of the rotor guarantees very high productivity in all conditions. An innovative remote control ensures accurate guidance of the vehicle at a range of up to 1000 meters.


The PrimeTech PT-300 D:Mine demining machine is equipped with a FAE 300/TD tiller, which is specifically designed for mine clearance. Working width of the 300/TD is 2500 mm and its working depth is 250 mm. The design of the tiller head and rotor and the materials used combine to limit damage in the event of exploding mines. Other types of front attachment can be mounted as required (forestry mulcher, forestry tiller, rock crusher).


This PrimeTech demining machine features the following new functions:

- Automatic Speed Control: this function is able to variably distribute engine power between the tracks and the tiller head, in order to moderate machine speed. Consequently, this keeps the tiller head running and processing soil without interruption. Having this function prevents an operator from stalling the tiller as a result of driving too fast for the soil conditions.

- Automatic Depth Control: when a suitable setting is chosen, the Automatic Depth Control allows the machine to till the ground to a determined level, with consistent and even depth (up to 25 cm) across a number of different ground profiles and vegetation densities.

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