The FAE SFH/PM is a forestry tiller (also called subsoiler or rotovator) for grinding stumps, roots and rocks upto a depth of 400 mm, depending on driving speed and soil conditions.
Max. grinding diameter of rocks is 350 mm, while the max grinding diameter of trees is 450 mm.

This attachment is available in 2 widths:

  • SFH/PM-225 (working width: 2320 mm)
  • SFH/PM-250 (working width: 2560 mm)


All FAE SFH/PM forestry tillers are equipped with:

  • Double side gear transmission
  • Two hydraulic motors (250 cc)
  • Hydraulic rear hood
  • Tool type "G/3" and type "STC/3/FP" (side protection tools)

Different tools (teeth) for the rotor are available to suit different working conditions, all of them with carbide tip. The rotor pattern is designed in a way that every piece of soil gets processed.

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