Video - FAE PT-300 D:Mine with 300/FD, demining head with flail rotor

The 300/FD demining flail has a rotor with chains and hammers. This head clears mines by detonating ordinance as they come into contact with the flails. The power of the explosion is then concentrated on the flails. PT-300 D:Mine is a remote controlled tracked carrier for clearing mine fields, effective against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines. This vehicle works in the toughest conditions, including on rough terrain, steep slopes up to 45°, marshy land, and in areas with dense vegetation. The main technical features are its solid structure with oscillating undercarriage, the high-performance CAT C7.1 Acert engine, and its lower weight. The ergonomic remote control makes it possible to safely perform all its functions. The carrier can be equipped with a demining head or another type of FAE machine, like a forestry mulcher or tiller, a stump cutter or a dozer blade.