Video - FAE RCU-75 - the compact yet powerful remote controlled tracked carrier

The FAE RCU-75 is a compact yet powerful remote controlled tracked carrier for forestry, agricultural and municipal work. The RCU-75 works with the FAE BL2/RCU forestry mulcher to mulch vegetation up to 15 cm in diameter. This head is equipped with a fixed-blade rotor and Bite Limiter technology that provides high output with less horsepower due to low power absorption.

The remote controlled RCU-75 tracked carrier is:

- POWERFUL, with a 74-hp, 4 cyl. Turbo Aftercooler engine.

- ROBUST, with a steel frame and structure and integrated and protected components.

- AGILE, it works on sloping terrain up to 55° with full counter-rotating.

- HIGH-TECH, with an integrated system of electronic control units and sensors for maximum performance at all times.

- PROFESSIONAL, the result of FAE’s experience designing PT and Demining tracked carriers.