Remote controlled tracked carriers
Available in the following versions: RCU75 - Tier 4F 

The RCU75 is a compact, powerful FAE tracked carrier that shreds branches and wood pieces, grass, and small shrubs. It can also cuts stumps when outfitted with an SCL/RCU head. It is equipped with a 74-hp Kohler engine. The RCU75 can work on steep slopes up to 55°. The heavy-duty undercarriage features a hydraulic variable track system with independent undercarriage frames for maximum stability on steep terrain. The high-profile rubber or steel tracks combined with the undercarriage’s multiple roller system provide unbeatable traction. The dual hydrostatic transmission makes it easier to manage traction and the attachment.


74 hp

Shredding diameter

Ø 15 cm max

Most important features

Structural steel frame. Integrated and protected components.


Works on sloping terrain up to 55°. Full counter-rotating.


Available on the BL2/RCU forestry mulcher with Bite Limiter technology.


Integrated system of electronic control units and sensors for maximum performance at all times. 


The result of FAE’s experience designing PT and Demining tracked carriers.


4 cyl. Turbo Aftercooler 74-hp engine.

  • Compact and powerful motor

    Compact and powerful 74 hp Kohler Common Rail electronic fuel injection engine. Oil pan co-designed and tested by FAE and Kohler to ensure correct lubrication, even on slopes up to 55°. Low-noise and low-vibration. Fuel efficient and compliant with the strictest emissions standards. 

  • Hydrostatic transmission of the RCU-55 FAE that guarantees high performance and reliability over time, as well as a simple and intuitive mode of use
    Efficient and reliable transmission

    Electronically controlled piston pumps combined with a dedicated electronic control unit provide an integrated technological system. The result is high performance and long-term reliability, as well as simple and intuitive operation. 

  • Heavy duty undercarriage

    Hydraulic variable track system with independent undercarriage frames and an automatic tensioning system built to work in the toughest conditions, thanks to a rubber or steel tracks structure, multiple roller system and idlers.

  • Self-cleaning radiator

    The aluminum radiator combined with anti-clogging fins is paired with a proportional and reversible fan to keep the radiator clean and efficient at all times, consistently maintaining peak performance and reducing the need for upkeep.

  • Ergonomic radio remote control for RCU-55 FAE radio-controlled vehicle with large 3.5 "display to better manage all vehicle and cylinder head functions
    Professional remote control

    The ergonomic remote control with a large 4.3” display makes it easy to manage all vehicle and attchment functions.  Customizable function keys. 2.4 GHz transmission frequency. 

Standard equipment

    • DOC after-treatment system (RCU75 TIER 4F) & DOC/DPF after-treatment system (RCU75 STAGE V)
    • Hydrostatic transmission
    • Hydrostatic transmission attachments
    • Basic Load Control function
    • 4.3" LCD color display on remote control unit
    • 7" LCD on-board color display
    • KOHLER KDI 2504 turbocharged and after-cooled engine
    • Floating function
    • Independent hydraulic variable track system
    • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit for attachments
    • High-profile rubber tracks and rollers system
    • Combined aluminum cooler with anti-clogging fins
    • Proportional and reversible fan system with hydraulic control
    • Ergonomic controls
    • Double remote control battery and on-board battery charger
    • LED working light
    • Tilting attachment plate with quick coupling


Steel Tracks (RCU-75) |FAE
Undercarriage with steel tracks
Rear winch with 2-t traction force

Available heads

BL2/RCU - Forestry mulcher with Bite Limiter technology
Forestry mulcher for RCU-75 with Bite Limiter technology
SCL/RCU75, Stump cutters for remote controlled tracked carrier
Stump cutters for the RCU75 remote controlled tracked carrier.
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