The Water Spray System (WSS) prevents teeth from overheating while shredding, reducing wear and tear and improving efficiency over the long term. The WSS was also designed to provide the required soil moisture for the binding agent, with precise regulation of the water injected. Additionally, using the WSS means mulching and/or mixing and dampening can be completed in a single pass. 

There are two WSS versions: WSS Basic and WSS High Flow. WSS Basic is a manually controlled system with independent nozzles and an electric pump. WSS High Flow is an advanced system that lets you have full control over the amount of liquid disbursed through a designated display inside the cabin. WSS High Flow includes a hydraulic motor that powers a centrifugal pump, a flow meter and a series of electronically controlled valves. In addition, nozzles with different flow capacities can be installed for different jobs. 

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