Wheel saws for Skid Steers

The RWM/SSL is a disc-type road planer for skid steers from 75 to 135 hp, able to shred channels up to 50 cm deep with modular widths of 8, 10 or 12 cm. The RWM/SSL aims mainly to ensure extremely precise excavations for laying electrical, water, gas and fiber optic conduits. The depth indicator allows precise depth management and the self-leveling penetration skids allow the working depth to be kept constant at all times. The optimized side output allows the track to be kept free of waste materials at all times.


from 75 to 135 hp

Working depth

50 cm max

Most important features
Plug & play pairing

with leading skid steers on the market

Cutting and depth indicators

for precise operation control

Skids with Hardox soles and interchangeable plows

allow the machine to penetrate the ground better

Hydraulic drive system

for accurate positioning over the work area

Modular cutting discs

of 3, 4 or 5 inches

Standard equipment

    • 12V diverter valve
    • Diverter valve (plug in and play)
    • Anti-shock block Valve with relief and anticavitation valves
    • Interchangeable and wear resistant Hardox® skids
    • Hydraulically adjustable working depth
    • Mobile sides-frame
    • Enclosed / anti-dust machine body
    • Direct-drive transmission
    • Disc rotor with interchangeable sectors
    • Supporting service leg
    • 1500 cc fixed displacement hydraulic piston motor
    • Hydraulic side shifting
    • Working pressure control gauge
    • Hydraulic hoses for connections

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Pick R/44/C | FAE
Pick R/44/C
Ideal for:
Paved roads


Water spray system WSS Basic | FAE
Basic WSS - water spray system
Adaptor wiring | FAE
Adaptor wiring
Multiple disc rotor width options RWM/SSL | FAE
Optional disc rotor widths
Water Spray System

The Water Spray System has the dual function of cooling and mixing.
The cooling function, useful when the machines work as an asphalt cutter (see multi-task machines), has the advantage of limiting the temperature of the rotor and teeth in contact with the asphalt, preventing it from overheating.
The mixing system, on the other hand, is useful in stabilization operations (see multi-task machines and stabilizers) in which the soil and the stabilizing agent are mixed with water.
In fact, at this stage, the addition of water to the mixing chamber improves binding between the stabilizing agent and the soil, optimizing the result of the consolidation work.

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