You can now check transmission belt tensioning for FAE forestry mulchers, stump cutters, and stone crushers with the FAE app

The official FAE app has been upgraded with a new feature for all FAE heads with belt transmissions.

With this new feature, it will be possible to automatically check the exact tensioning of belts without relying on other tools.
Here’s how it works:
1.    Make sure that the belts are intact.

2.    Make sure that the universal or hydraulic coupling is disconnected, the head is on the ground, and the operating machine’s diesel engine is off.

3.    Open the Belt Tensioning function in the FAE app.

4.    Position your smartphone 2 inches away from the belt, midway between the two pulleys. If there are multiple belts, check the middle one.
5.    Take the first measurement by lightly striking the belt with a wrench (wrist strength alone should be sufficient).

6.    Turn the rotor until the lower pulley is at a 90° angle, following the safety instructions in the head’s User and Maintenance Manual.

7.    Following the procedure in point 5, take the second measurement.

8.    If the two measurements match, the FAE app will provide a number to compare to the sticker on the belt compartment.
• If the number is higher than the max shown on the sticker, the belt needs to be loosened.
• If the number is lower than the minimum shown on the sticker, the belt needs to be tightened.
• If the result is within the range shown on the sticker, the belt is correctly tensioned.
9.    If the two measurements don’t match, repeat the procedure.
Belt-tensioning-3.jpg Belt-tensioning-4.jpg

This new FAE app feature is available for all FAE heads with a belt transmission in the forestry mulcher, stump cutter, and stone crusher lines.

The FAE app is for iOS and Android. Beyond belt tensioning, the FAE app is a useful tool for making the most of FAE heads with Sonic technology for skid steers and excavators.

The FAE app also makes it possible to access the FAE Product Registration directly with a QR code and the latest FAE news.

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