Spare Parts Land Clearing

Fae teeth for forestry mulchers and tillers: the right piece of equipment for every application

A set of teeth in perfect condition is indispensable for increasing productivity, obtaining the best results from your work, reducing operating costs (such as fuel consumption) and enjoying the full potential of FAE’s high-performance operating machinery.

Teeth for Land Clearing machines are subject to constant wear, making it necessary to inspect the condition of your set very frequently, including after every single use.

FAE offers its customers a wide selection of teeth: top-quality products, designed and manufactured to suit the needs of most applications. Only FAE teeth have a weight specifically calibrated for the machine that they are paired with, thus guaranteeing excellent rotor balancing as well as the validity of the warranty.

In some cases, depending on the type of rotor mounted on the machine, it is possible to use different types of teeth. Below is a diagram summarizing the various types of teeth (e.g. narrow with a single point, or wide with a double point), and the type of use recommended.


To purchase FAE teeth and spare parts, contact your branch or send an email to [email protected]