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Stabilizing terrain in Israel

MTM/HP: innovation and efficiency – an unbeatable combination

"The MTM/HP? An innovative solution." That's how the FAE multitask was described by the experts at Gadtal Engineering Ltd, a construction company founded 40 years ago in Israel by Hanan Golan. A leader in soil stabilization, GTE works in multiple road sector applications, from reservoir construction to road and rail infrastructure and industrial and residential sectors. These tasks require extensive experience in soil stabilization techniques that are already widely used in Europe but only recently gaining popularity in Israel. Classic clay soil stabilization, which is the first step in any road construction project, is achieved by milling the soil, wetting it and then compacting it using specific customized solutions. In contrast, chemical stabilization is achieved by using additives that create multiple reactions, reduce the plasticity of clay soil, make it more workable, and increase its strength.

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GTE’s thorough knowledge of these techniques has enabled it to develop many big projects in Israel, ultimately becoming the country’s leading road builder. In recent years, we have seen the completion of several important projects: the Cross Israel highway, sections of Highway 6, and section C of the Krayot ring road, to name but a few.

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GTE chose FAE as its main partner for the successful implementation of these projects. The specific equipment used was the FAE MTM/HP, a multitask machine designed for medium to high horsepower tractors. The MTM/HP also completed 5 kilometers of road in the Nazareth area. The machine, which is equipped with a Full Control System (FSC) and water injection system, was hitched up to a John Deere tractor with 300 HP and performed a road-recycling job. It then milled a 10 cm layer of asphalt and stabilized it to a depth of 30 cm by adding cement.

The stones in the ground didn't cause any problems and didn't affect the work pace because the MTM is designed to work in these conditions.

One of the innovations that Gadtal Engineering liked most about the equipment is the variable geometry grinding chamber. The rotor is mobile and can be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor cab. This way, the volume of the grinding chamber can be increased depending on the depth of the work being done. So, with only the rotor penetrating the soil, traction stress is reduced.

The payoff is lower fuel consumption, increased operating speeds and reduced work time. GTE director Doron Golan described the MTH/HP as “a fantastic machine”, and FAE Group as “an efficient and innovative company.” He is thinking of buying a new model, the MTH – the very top of FAE Group's road construction line – as soon as possible.

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