Recycling asphalt in New Jersey

An FAE RSL keeps the area’s roads in good condition

The recycling, rehabilitation and maintenance of paved surfaces are strategic activities for managing road infrastructure. This is especially true in the United States, where thousands of miles of road are subject to extreme weather.

This story takes us to New Jersey, where the company A. Deluca Reclamation has been working for years in the repair and stabilization of damaged paved surfaces in small and medium-sized projects.

A. Deluca Reclamation has been using FAE products since 2016, and RSL 225 in particular, to recycle paved surfaces. FAE’s RSL machine is a multi-functional crusher for 80 to 190 HP tractors and is able to crush rocks, stabilize land, break down stones and crush asphalt. “There is definitely a great value for what the FAE machine can perform from the recycling aspects,” said John Deluca, co-owner of A. Deluca Reclamation. “This machine is able to crush worn-out asphalt then recycle it for other projects”.

Deluca specializes in “Full Depth Reclamation”, a pavement rehabilitation method that involves recycling an existing pavement and its underlying layer into a new base layer.

This process begins with using a reclaimer to pulverize the existing deteriorated pavement and mixing it with a portion of the base, subbase and sometimes subgrade to obtain a uniform blend.

Portland cement is then added and mixed into the blend as a stabilizing agent to provide a material that is then graded and compacted in place. The result is a stiff, stabilized base with increased structural capacity that is ready for a new pavement layer.

Using this technique, A. Deluca Reclamation has repaired many miles of roads in various parts of New Jersey, ensuring stability and usability for many years to come.

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