Helping Save the Forest for the Future

Using firebreaks to limit the spread of fire and save wildlife

Starting in 2000, wildfires have destroyed 7 million acres of land in the United States annually and in the last twenty years the rate of destruction has unfortunately doubled. The significant rise of these natural disasters and the social, environmental and economic impact they leave behind, have spurred increased concerns on this issue, so much so that wildfire management and prevention are current topics of debate across many states in the US and governments across the globe.

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As the destructive impact of wildfires increases, the need for innovative and effective approaches to wildfire prevention and mitigation become essential. This is where FAE equipment makes the difference.

One of the most effective measures for stopping the spread of a wildfire is the creation of firebreaks. Firebreaks are areas devoid of vegetation, created within forests or natural areas. Firebreaks not only contain a fire within a defined area but they are also used by wild animals as a safe haven from a fire and by the firefighting teams that are there to put the fire out, as well as to carry out the necessary work to maintain the vegetation.

Despite being often opposed by environmentalists, who are against any kind of human intervention in nature, firebreaks have actually proved extremely effective for the long-term conservation of our precious forests and wildlife.

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In fire-prone states like California, the need for firebreaks, is more important than ever. Brad Kingsley, owner of Kingsley Management stated: “In fuel reduction, for a long time California was heavily logged and there was a lot of fire suppression that didn’t allow many more wildfires. Now we have 100 years of undergrowth that is built up in California and we are seeing a lot of devastating fires. We must begin to thin out the undergrowth and reduce the number of trees, so that there is less fuel for the fire to burn.
We work with RCD (Resource Conservation Districts) here in El Dorado County. They are doing a really good job with getting grant money for creating a system of firebreaks in and around the small local communities

Kingsley and many other specialized companies around the world use FAE machines for the construction of firebreaks. The quality and high-tech engineering of FAE forestry equipment are a game changer in land management.

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Forestry Mulching is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and currently the most efficient way to preserve the quality of the soil. In the process, nourishing mulch is left on the ground to provide moisture and vital nutrients for the soil and suppress unwanted plant species. “One of the things that I like about FAE,” added Brad Kingsley, “is the quality of their grind. It puts out a really consistent quality grind that really adds nutrients to the soil. This creates a soft carpet of shavings that reduces the risk of fires and makes the area usable by animals and by everyone, even children".

We at FAE are very happy that our machines are actively involved in fighting fires and we are proud to help save our forests for future generations.

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