Mulchers for Tractors

UMH/MEGA is a unique forestry mulcher. It is designed for the most powerful tractors available, and allows you to work large areas in a quick and effective way.
The UMH/MEGA was built for operators seeking a highly productive mulcher combined with an extremely efficient tiller. It can mulch trees up to 50 cm diameter and grind at a depth of 25 cm, all in one machine.


from 350 to 500 hp

Shredding diameter

Ø 50 cm max

Working depth

25 cm max

Most important features
Hydraulic clutch transmission (on request)

protects the transmission at PTO engagement for smooth starting and improves machine performance

Highly productive

mulcher and at the same time extremely efficient tiller

Hydraulic clutch transmission

protects the transmission at PTO engagement for smooth starting and improves machine performance

Poly Chain belt transmission (VT only)

for optimum power transfer

Standard equipment

    • Hydraulic rear hood
    • FCP wear-resistant clad plates
    • Enclosed, dust-resistant machine body
    • Interchangeable bolt-on counter blades
    • Interchangeable protection chains
    • Third row of interchangeable forged and hardened counter blades (UMH/MEGA-250)
    • Hydraulic clutch transmission
    • Freewheel gearbox
    • Timing belt transmission
    • PTO shaft support for machine at rest
    • Z style self-aligning system
    • Adjustable 3-point linkage
    • Interchangeable forged steel rotor shafts
    • Rotor with teeth A/3
    • Wear-resistant side plates
    • Gearbox cooling system
    • Hydraulic top link cylinder
    • Central PTO shaft without cam clutch

Original FAE tools

Unmatched performance
Tooth A/3 | FAE
Tooth A/3
Ideal for:
Hardwood trees
Exposed stumps
Bushes and branches
Tooth A/3/HD | FAE
Tooth A/3/HD
Ideal for:
Hardwood trees
Exposed stumps
Buried stumps
Peaty soil
Low rock content
Bushes and branches
Side scraper MH sx | FAE
Tooth MH (L)
Side scraper
Side scraper MH (dx) | FAE
Tooth MH (R)
Side scraper


Multiple tooth options | FAE
Multiple tooth options
W style self aligning device between PTO drive shaft/gearbox | FAE
W style self-aligning system
Special skids to go underground | FAE
Skids to go underground
Hydraulically adjustable support skids
Extra ripper for push frame
Hydraulic push frame with teeth setup
Hydrodynamic joints

Hydrodynamic joints are hydrokinetic transmissions that provide more efficient power management. They allow the rotor to start up gradually, even when under stress, while simultaneously absorbing recoil coming from possible head overload. Hydrodynamic joints consist of two opposing rotors and hydraulic fluid that transfers motion.

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