Mulchers for Skid Steers


Three series and ten models for skid steers to finely shred wood, branches, tree trunks, trees, shrubs, stumps and roots up to 8" in diameter.

How to find the forestry mulcher for skid steers that’s right for you

Do you have a 65-100 hp skid steer and need to work on wood up to 3" in diameter? The PMM/SSL series is the perfect solution. With a 71"-79" working width, it can be equipped with hammers or blades. Additionally, it’s roller is larger than other similar machines. It also has a self-leveling attachment plate with floating system that makes the rotor stay perfectly on the ground for uniform shredding in any condition. 
Do you have a 40-70 hp skid steer, need to work on material up to 5" in diameter and want maximum performance with fixed teeth? The DML/SSL and DML/SSL/VT series will meet all of your needs, with 4 models for 59"-78" working widths. The VT models also have an innovative variable torque piston engine with variable displacement to get the most out of your skid steer’s hydraulic system. 
Do you have a 75-120 hp skid steer and need to shred woody material up to 8" in diameter that then needs to be uniformly distributed and incorporated into the soil? The UML/SSL/VT and UML/SSL/SONIC series provide unmatched performance, with 63"-71" working widths. The models can be equipped with different teeth and rotors to maximize performance when working on different materials.
Various models are also available with Sonic Technology — an intelligent and flexible system exclusive to FAE. The Sonic system ensures that the operating machine and the FAE mulcher are perfectly aligned by automatically calibrating the mulcher. The system continuously manages the mulcher's hydraulic settings, for a significant boost in overall productivity of up to 30%. The Sonic system also minimizes rotor stalling and shortens recovery time thanks to the quick recovery of the rotor's rpm.

How much does a FAE forestry mulcher for skid steers cost?

Considering the level of output and reliability, FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers provide a great return on investment. Contact us for a custom quote. 

Applications for FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers

FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers are perfect for a large number of applications. Whether its forestry management or power line and oil and gas R.O.W. maintenance, vineyard and orchard maintenance, maintenance of green areas, shredding stumps and fire mitigation, FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers are always the perfect partner. They are also the best option for green areas for commercial and residential properties and sports, as well as forestry maintenance.

Watch the video of FAE forestry mulchers for skid steers at work