Remote controlled demining machine

The PT300 D:MINE mechanical demining asset is operated via remote control from a significant distance for the safety of the operator. It works in the toughest conditions, including rough terrain, steep slopes up to 45°, swampy land, and areas with dense vegetation. Some of its main technical features include a super sturdy structure with an oscillating undercarriage, large track pads for optimum mobility, the high-performing CAT C7.1 Acert engine, and a lower operating weight. The ergonomic remote control makes it possible to safely perform all functions. The carrier can also be equipped with other types of FAE attachments like forestry mulchers, tillers, stump cutters, or dozer blades.

Most important features

It has the flexibility and reliability of one of the world’s most widely used six-cylinder engines. The Caterpillar C7.1 Tier 4 Final/Stage V engine delivers 302 hp, and 275 hp with the Tier 3/Stage III version. It offers superior performance and a global support network.


The frame was built to withstand extreme stress. The undercarriage was designed for maximum performance. The technology of the oscillating undercarriage provides better impact absorption and manoeuvrability.


The ergonomic remote control with a large 3.5” display makes it possible to safely manage all vehicle and head functions. The transmission frequency at 2.4 GHz ensures optimal connection at a safe distance.


The PT300 D:MINE’s electronically managed hydrostatic transmission is the perfect solution for optimal power transmission and long-term reliability. Innovative functions like Load Control and Floating ensure high efficiency in any condition. The I/R day and night vison system allows to operate it at a safety distance with the assistance of 360° video images with cameras in the front, rear, left and right sides.


There are several attachments available including the fixed-tooth demining tiller, the demining flail head with chains and hammers, the vegetation cutter (mulchers with the exclusive Sonic technology) and the dozer blade.

  • Technology -  Sonic | FAE

    Sonic is a smart, flexible system that automatically calibrates the mulcher’s hydraulic parameters thanks to an operator control box that allows the mulcher to work autonomously and constantly at maximum capacity, in all working conditions. Sonic guarantees perfect harmony between the operating machine and the FAE mulcher, increasing the machine’s performance by 30%.

  • The engine of the FAE PT-300 D:MINE is a certainty

    You can count on the FAE PT-300 D:MINE's engine. The Caterpillar C7.1 Acert inline six-cylinder engine is one of the world’s most popular and highly respected engines. Equipped with twin turbochargers with after cooler and Acert technology, the Tier 4 Final/Stage V version of this engine delivers an impressive 302 hp. Efficient, reliable, with superb consumption/ power ratio.
    Compliance with the Tier 4 Final/Stage V standard is guaranteed with the combination of diesel particulate filter (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies.
    A combination that maximizes uptime and requires minimal maintenance over time, achieved by passive regeneration that does not require interrupting the work.
    The FAE PT-300 D:MINE is also available in a Tier 3 / Stage III A version for emission-free markets, rated at 275 hp.
    The generous 7-liter displacement and a cooling system designed specifically for the FAE PT-300 D:MINE ensure that both configurations can offer peak performance in both heavy-duty applications and when working in tropical climes.

  • The transmissions of the FAE PT-300 D:MINE are based on two fundamental concepts: technology and integration

    The transmissions designed for the FAE PT-300 D:MINE are based on two fundamental concepts: technology and integration. Electronically-controlled pumps and sensors and a dedicated control unit, work together to deliver maximum performance. The
    systems are designed to enable the CAT C7.1 Acert engine to operate at optimal rpms at all times.
    The FAE PT-300 D:MINE’s hydrostatic transmission also serves to dampen operating loads. This ensures that the carrier and its key components are subjected to less stress, reducing wear and tear. The final result is a longer duration over time.
    An added benefit of the FAE PT-300 D:Mine's hydrostatic transmission is that it can accommodate a wide variety of FAE demining equipment as well as forestry mulchers, stump cutters, and dozer blades.

  • The FAE PT-300 D:MINE undercarriage structure provides maximum operational performance and reliability even in the most demanding jobs

    The FAE PT-300 D:MINE undercarriage is designed to provide maximum operating performance and reliability, even in the most demanding conditions. Prime quality Berco components. Chains with lifetime lubrication offer longer life than conventional chains. Solid, reliable dozertype rollers. Oscillating undercarriage technology for maximum traction. Two options available for roller guards to better adapt to different working environments. Conventional geometry ensures a low center of gravity and provides optimal contact between chain and drive wheel. Two fundamental elements for the best possible work, even on slopes. The FAE PT-300 D:MINE wheelbase also extends the area over which the load is distributed, which means lower specific pressure against the ground. The frames of the PT-300 undercarriage are designed to withstand major stresses and make maintenance easier.

  • Remote Control Demining
    Professional remote controller up to 1000 m in open filled

    The ergonomic remote control with a large 3.5” display makes it easy to manage all vehicle and attchment functions. Customizable function keys. 2.4 GHz transmission frequency.

  • D:Mine Rotor with G/3 teeth | FAE
    D:Mine Rotor
    with G/3 teeth


Rear winch - rated towing capacity: 6t | FAE
Rear winch with 6-t traction force
Oil top-off pump (service package) | FAE
Oil top-off pump (service package)
Chain guides | FAE
Chain guide
Rock guards  | FAE
Rock guards
Service light (service package) | FAE
Service light (service package)
Pre-heating system for engine and hydraulic oil | FAE
Pre-heating system for engine and hydraulic oil
Cab (full optional) | FAE
Cab (full optional)
Custom color
360° camera system with I/R technology | FAE
360° I/R view cameras system
Additional rubber pads
Proportional and reversible radiator fan | FAE
Proportional and reversible radiator fan

Available heads

200/U/SONIC - Forestry mulchers for special vehicles (PT-300)
300/SC - Stump cutters for special vehicles (PT-300)
200/S - Forestry tillers for special vehicles (PT-300)
Universal hydraulic tiller for higher horse power carriers
Dozer Blade - Blade for special vehicles  (PT-175)
300/TD/PT300 DM
Demining head with fixed-tooth rotor.
300/FD/PT300 DM
Demining head with flail rotor.
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