Power lines, Oil & Gas R.O.W. maintenance

Lines for transporting energy products or energy itself — such as oil and gas pipelines, pressurized water lines and power lines — are key elements of strategic sectors. The efficiency of these lines, and therefore their maintenance, is critical for the safety of installations throughout their full service life. When working in these applications, it is common to be rough, difficult and hard to access environments, in which the quality and reliability of the machinery involved can make a substantial difference in profitability, especially if it also has a high working capacity. 
Backed by its unparalleled operational experience in the most complex and difficult environments, FAE offers an extensive, diversified range of solutions to meet all vegetation management's needs, including equipment for PTO tractors, hydraulically operated machines such as excavators and skid steers and also a line of dedicated tracked carriers, designed specifically by FAE, for these purposes.