FAE is upgrading the PT-300 to be more productive and efficient.

FAE is upgrading the PT-300 tracked carrier with the debut of two technologies that increase productivity and improve uptime in any working condition: Sonic and Active Power Management.

Combined with the 200/U/SONIC and 300/U/SONIC heads, FAE’s exclusive Sonic technology enables the forestry mulcher to work at maximum capacity at all times. The Sonic technology adjusts the torque in real time according to the force required, for up to 30% higher productivity.

The 2022 model can also be equipped with Active Power Management, an intelligent FAE system that automatically manages the machine's travel in relation to resistance absorbed by the rotor. This feature also helps the machine automatically adapt to the contour of the terrain allowing the operator to concentrate on the job at hand, ensuring higher productivity.


The FAE PT-300 tracked carrier can stand up to any challenge, whether managing woodlands and forests, creating firebreaks, or working near electrical lines or oil and gas pipelines. Its solid structure and oscillating undercarriage make it compatible with a wide variety of FAE hydraulic units, including forestry mulchers and tillers, stone crushers, stump cutters and dozer blade.

The PT-300’s powerful engine and lighter operating weight allow it to work on steep slopes and soft ground. The hydraulic system guarantees reliability and efficiency. The spacious cab is unrivaled when it comes to comfort, ergonomics and operator safety.


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